Sunday, January 22, 2012

Riley's Tangled Party

As promised here are all of the details for Riley's 6th birthday.  For those of you who haven't seen Disney's movie Tangled it is a great movie for young and old.  I found so many great ideas on Pintrest for this party and then I added a few ideas of my own.
So here we go starting with the front yard leading in the front door. The hair is made out of a roll of plastic table cloth with purple ribbons and I got the idea HERE, it looked great from from the street.  My husband and brother get to take all the credit for this one. Inside I used yarn and strung it back and forth tied it off and loosely draped it over the doors and staircase.  The wanted posters were all over the house.
My mom was a huge help with the decorations and cake.  I wanted to make the flags look like the scene from the movie at the festival for the lost princess, mission accomplished I do believe.  I knew cutting the suns out would be way too much work so I Googled and found THIS link to a free SVG file so my Cricut finally got used:) I punched 1 1/2" circles in a different color to give them some dimension.  About 75-80 flags later along with some floating lanterns I got at Hobby Lobby this is what it looks like.
I found these cute little lanterns at the Dollar Spot at Michaels and added LED tea-lights to shelves and the craft tables .  There are tons of pictures from the movie so my husband was able to print them in all sizes and I placed them on doors and over pictures for a little extra touch.  He printed THIS picture of the floating lights and I tried to make it resemble Rapunzel's Fireplace using plastic table cloths.
The cake was a variation of Disney's Tower Cake but instead of styro foam we actually made a cake.  I used the Cricut again to make paper flowers for the cupcakes. The Jello boat idea was from a  fabulous blog called Super Mom Moments and the Rice Crispy Paint brushes can be found HERE.

 If you have seen the movie you know I had to use frying pans and the magic flower in the decor.
 And finally crafts and goody bags.  I made "dream journals" with Tangled activity pages for the girls to work on along with decorating wands that I found at The Dollar Tree.  The Pascal blowers and activity pages for the journal are Here.
Sawyer my wonderful son was the perfect party assistant and helped watch the girls and organized games and activities.

 I was so excited when I came up with an idea to make a hair clip to attach to the goody bags.  I took apart the purple flowers glued them back together and braided yarn 3 sections of  four 20" long pieces tied the end with a purple ribbon and glued them to the back of the flower and then on to a hair clip.  I think I will add more details and pictures in the Tutorial section in a few days. 

It was a great party and the kids absolutely loved it and can you tell I had a blast making it happen.

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Suzanne J Dean said...

Awww what a cute party...darn I wanna come LOL! That cake was awesome & they look like they had a lot of fun things to do....lots of hard work for mom though huh?

Happy Birthday to "your" Riley LOL,

Shannon White said...

Oh Wow Miss Shelby, what a Fantastic Tangled PArty! You really went all out! Everything looked FABULOUS!! 8-) And I know Riley and her pals Loved every bit of it! Tanks so much for sharing with us! 8-)


Dana said...

How cute!!! Can you come do my birthday party in March? LOL

Patricia St Martin said...

Everything looks wonderful. I'm sure everyone had a blast.

Erin said...

Fantastic! I Love the braid through the trees in the front yard..and those hair clips are gorgeous! :)

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

Shelby! Color me SUPER impressed! What a STUNNING party you created! My daughter LOVES Tangled (she was Rapunzel for Halloween, frying pan and all) and I just can't get over the amazing decorations you put together!

LORi said...

Great Job Shelby!! I am sure all the kids had a wonderful time...I know mine would have! Happy Birthday Riley!!

Hugs -LORi

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

WOW!!! You are an amazing Mom....look at all the hard work and details you put into this beautiful party!! I love the hair draped in the trees and throughout the house...and the frying pan!! Love it!! Your children are very lucky to have such a talented Mommy!! Pure happiness on those little kiddo's faces too!! xoxo

Kelly said...

All the work and ideas for the party are amazing, that is one lucky little girl!

Brent Pagel said...

I love the hair clip. What kind of hair clip/barrette did you use?

Brent Pagel said...

I love the hair clip. What kind of hair clip/barrette did you use?

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