Monday, February 27, 2012

Bath Treat

Hello peeps!! I meant to post this the other day but my mind isn't what it use to be. I blame the 3 kids sucking all of my brain cells out because I have found out they are too smart for their own good:)  Oh well better late than never I always say.
 So I made these little babies for teacher's gifts for Valentine's Day.  I found the original idea on Pintrest and HERE is the link(side note: I went to Pintrest to link and just wasted 40 mins..LOL).  I tweaked mine a bit though.  I found this fun float cup at Hobby Lobby and used the light pink plastic party favor bag to hold these yummy smelling bath salts from Target.  I closed it up good folded the bag over the cup and taped on the scrubbie.  I couldn't find any bath oil beads so I just made a cherry on top with paper.  I came up with my own little verse to attach to the float.  Now I could have gotten fancier with them and next time I probably will but I did 4 of these in 45 minutes start to finish., yep that is how I do things:)
Ink Spots
*Don't forget about the latest CMC Copic Challenge Bright Colors and Laughs.
That is it for now, I have lots of crafting to do tomorrow.  Have a great one!!


Laurie said...

Adorable!!! I love Pinterest! Hope everything is going great in your world! Miss ya!;)

Sandy said...

Hey Shelby - what a wonderful idea - looks yummy!

CraftinGranny said...

Gorgeous and creative project. Now all the kids teachers love ya for sure. Bet you had a fun time making those. Thanks for the inspiration. "Hugs"

miatagal said...

What an adorable teacher gift, even though those days of mine are long gone! But may have to help out daughter-in-law for granddaughter teacher gift by CASING this project!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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